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Support Raising – What is it?

Often times, missionaries speak about the term ‘support raising,’ but some people don’t really know what that means. Support raising is used when a missionary, or a person going on a mission trip, has raise money for their trip. It also includes raising awareness toward the trip to encourage prayers. But support raising isn’t as…… Continue reading Support Raising – What is it?

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Christians in Politics

Politics is a heavy topic, but when religion, specifically Christians, the topic is unbearable to hold up. There is a stereotype for Christians within politics. Conservatives (Republicans) and Christians are believed to be one in the same. If someone says that Republicanism is where that person stand, then it is assumed that that person is…… Continue reading Christians in Politics

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Places of Worship in the Tri Cities

When I was researching what places of worship were around the Bible Belt and particularly in the Tri Cities, I found quite a few places I wasn’t expecting. One was the Catholic Center on ETSU’s campus, talked about in this blog post. I also found a Jewish synagogue in Bristol and an Islamic Center in…… Continue reading Places of Worship in the Tri Cities

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ETSU Catholic Center

While I was searching for places of worship within Johnson City, Tennessee, I found a Catholic group right on East Tennessee State University’s campus! In this area of the Bible Belt, I have found it hard to find places of worship that aren’t Baptist or Non-denominational Christian. I was excited to find that there was…… Continue reading ETSU Catholic Center